jeudi 20 août 2015

Ecuador Protests: Correa's Oil Crisis, Policies Could Spell End Of Latin America Success Story

20/08/2015 -

A vast array of disparate groups, including indigenous communities, medical associations, teachers' unions, senior citizens and business owners, have all come out in full force across Ecuador in recent weeks to put their discontent on display, marching through streets, blocking roads, waving flags and shouting slogans. Each group touts a different laundry list of complaints and demands, but they are all targeted at one man: Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa.
Once considered one of the world's most popular leaders, Correa has seen his approval ratings tumble in recent months amid plummeting oil prices, growing debt and repressive tactics against dissenters, triggering outcry from a noticeably diverse swath of Ecuadorian society. It's a significant shift for Correa, who was once hailed as a modernizer whose policies helped Ecuador become the third-fastest growing country in Latin America and boast the region’s most dramatic decline in poverty over the past seven... Read more